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Strategies for a successful kitchen remodel project

Strategies for a successful kitchen remodel project

Rather than buying a new home, many homeowners resolve to improve the one they already have. This makes sense especially in a market where home prices keep on going up exponentially. Homeowners’ favorite space to remodel is the kitchen and they spend more on kitchen remodel than any other home improvement.

The national median cost for a complete kitchen renovation is about $65,000, a substantial investment by any mean. The good news is that most of the cost of a kitchen remodel can be recouped when selling the property. If you are in the market to remodel your kitchen, read on the following recommended strategies to make your project a complete success. 

Take your time to plan your kitchen remodel

It might sound excessive, but the National Kitchen and Bath Association recommends spending six months to research and plan a kitchen remodel. Before you start demolition and construction of your new kitchen, you should know in details everything you want your kitchen to be and how you want it to be. This way, you will avoid changing your mind in the middle of the project and you know that last minute changes cause work delays and additional costs. If you want to stay on budget and on schedule to complete your kitchen remodel, we recommend you do the following:

1. Take measurements

One common mistake homeowners make is to get appliances or countertops that just won’t fit through their kitchen doors and access ways. Taking all your kitchen measurements including the width and height of your doorways and kitchen area is a must to avoid costly mistakes.

2. Kitchen traffic spaces

There is a lot of moving and walking around in the kitchen. If two or more persons use the kitchen at the same time, having plenty of space to comfortably move around is a must. Traffic lanes in your kitchen should be at least 42 inches wide. For an efficient and functional kitchen, try to create a work triangle between your sink, cooktop and fridge. The work triangle is a time-tested guideline of kitchen design that helps making kitchen spaces more efficient and functional. According to the National Kitchen and Bath Association, the space between each kitchen elements (fridge, sink, and cooktop) should be between 4 and 9 feet to allow the person cooking easy access to food storage, cooking and cleaning without being crowded.

3. Functionality and ergonomics

When planning out your kitchen, consider your kitchen cabinet functionality, how the drawers open, how convenient and accessible storage areas are. Also, plan for your countertops and island height.

4. Project Timeframe

The bigger your remodeling project, the more likely you will experience some delays. To minimize delays and latent additional costs,  try to hire a company that has the manpower and resources to fully execute your kitchen remodel without using subcontractors. Working with different contractors will oftentimes create delays and added costs.

Kitchen layout

One of the main factors driving costs up with a kitchen remodel is changing the layout of a kitchen. Taking down walls, relocating plumbing and electrical outlets will create additional costs, so do sparingly and only if it is an absolute must for your kitchen remodel.

Keep your budget in line

It’s easy to get carried away and splurge on a kitchen remodel. But you should take some time to evaluate what you really need for your kitchen and prioritize where you should invest your money. Think in term of style and functionality (as well as your budget) when planning for your kitchen remodel. For example, a subzero Fridge or a Viking range (which would set you back 10 to 15 thousand dollars) is really nice, but are they really a good fit for your budget, lifestyle and cooking preference? Instead, you might achieve a bigger return on your money by investing in quality kitchen cabinets and flooring. Those are the elements of a kitchen that really drive value.

Focus on storage

A well-designed kitchen with ample storage will add value and functionality. It’s better to have too much storage than not enough. Plan to have a good size kitchen pantry, kitchen cabinets that reach you the ceiling, storage under your kitchen island and wall mount shelving units.

Quality first

Cutting corners and investing in lower quality products for your kitchen is not a good strategy. Rather invest in products that will last like quartz countertops, quality crafted kitchen cabinets and a reputable kitchen remodeling company to manage your project.

PRO-TOPS is the Charlotte leader for complete kitchen remodel. We install kitchen cabinets, fabricate countertops and islands, install flooring and have years of experience. If you are planning to remodel your kitchen, visit our design studio today or call us to talk with one of our highly qualified kitchen remodeling experts.

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