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Upgrading your kitchen and/or bathroom counter tops with granite or another type of natural stone represents an investment. As it is the case with any investment, customers usually have questions regarding what they are getting. Below we have compiled a list of some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) by our customers. If you have a question that has not been answered below, please call our office today during normal business hours or fill out our online contact form.

How does the dishwasher attach to the granite counter top?

The best way to attach a dishwasher for the dishwasher to have mounting brackets on the side that attach the base cabinets. For older models we can epoxy the top mount bracket to the bottom of the granite or silicone a small strip of wood under the counter. Once dry, the dishwasher can be screwed into the wood. You may also use dishwasher straps and attach them to the back wall or to the cabinets. This option will make the dishwasher more difficult to service.

Can granite counter tops be repaired?

While it is difficult to permanently repair granite, it is also very difficult to damage it. However, if some damage does occur, granite usually can be repaired by a mix of epoxy and ground up chips of granite.

Will my granite counter top have a seam?

We try extremely hard to avoid seams if possible, but the reality is that the majority of countertops will have a seam no matter how hard we try.

Does granite chip or scratch?

Granite is a very dense material and under normal conditions it is chip and scratch resistant. However, pots, pans and other heavy objects may chip the square edge around a sink area. Several other edge profiles are available that will look beautiful and reduce the chances of chipping.

When do I know it is time to seal my granite counter top?

One method you can use to check if your granite needs to be resealed is to sprinkle some water on your countertops. If the water soaks into the stone and does not bead up, then we would recommend resealing your granite.

Can I put a hot pot on my granite counter top?

Yes, Granite is ideal for kitchens because under normal conditions it will not burn. Granite will not be harmed by hot pots, pans or open flames.

Why do you prefer sending project specifications through email?

We love receiving phone calls from our customers and will gladly help you as much as we can over the phone. We prefer that you send job information through email so
that we have the interaction on file in the case that it needs to be referenced in the future.

Why do I need to make an appointment to see your showroom?

There are times where our office is very busy, as we are working with multiple homeowners and builders to complete scheduled projects. Making an appointment
assures that we set aside time to help you and give you our undivided attention.

What if I don’t need an entire stone slab to complete my project?

We do have remnant pieces that are available for purchase. Our remnants mainly consist of stone colors that we keep in stock and are leftover portions of stone that
we have used for other jobs. There is no guarantee that we have a remnant piece of stone that we special ordered for a previous job or a very rare color. Customers are
welcome to stop by and take a look at our remnant pieces to see if we have something that will work for them.

Can I use remnant pieces for my kitchen countertops?

Yes, if you choose to do so. We do not advise to take the route because there will be many seams placed to hold the granite together, and therefore may not make your countertops aesthetically pleasing.

Do you do cabinet refacing?

We do not do cabinet refacing, however, we can refer you to our favored construction company to complete that service for you as well as any other
construction needs.

I’ve heard that granite is radioactive. Is that true?

It is true that granite is somewhat radioactive (it is a volcanic rock after all!), however it does not emit enough to cause any harm to humans over any period of

How much does granite cost per square foot?

Our pricing is competitive and we offer free estimates with no obligation. You may email, fax, or bring by your layout and job specs to receive your free quote. We do
not give prices or estimates over the phone. We want to make sure that your estimate will most accurately reflect your final price after we include the template
of your space, cutouts, installation and any extra work.

How can I pay for my job? Do you offer financing?

We do not offer financing at this time. We require a 50% deposit after you accept your estimate at the time of template, and the remaining balance upon completion
of your project. You may pay with a check, cash, or credit card. A fee of 4% of the total job cost will apply to credit card payments.

Can I look at my slab before it is cut?

Of course! We encourage our customers to approve of their slab before we fabricate it so there are no surprises when it’s installed. If your slab has a lot of movement,
this will also give you an opportunity to let us know if you want a certain spot in your counter top.

Does granite stain?

Granite is very stain resistant for the most part but we highly advise that spills are wiped away quickly so as it does not have time to penetrate the stone.

Does granite crack?

With normal use, the chance of cracking is very minimal. Granite is most susceptible to cracking during the installation process. You shouldn’t worry about cracking your
granite from day to day.

There was some water on my granite, and after I wiped it away it left a dark ring. What should I do?

Don’t worry. The dark ring is just the condensed water in the stone. It will evaporate and the dark ring spot will go away.

How do I clean my granite countertops?

Cleaning granite is not difficult at all. We advise to use mild soap and water or a granite cleaner. Coupled with a sponge or soft cloth, simply wipe your countertops
clean and wipe dry. You do not want to use anything to abrasive or acidic because it will damage the sealer on the granite.

Do you perform miscellaneous jobs? I ‘m not looking to do a bathroom or kitchen.

Sometimes customers have granite pieces that they just need polished or cut, to serve as a table top or an inlay. Let us know the specifics of your job, and we canwork with you to provide you an estimate.

Do you perform miscellaneous jobs? I ‘m not looking to do a bathroom or kitchen.

Yes. PRO-TOPS works on different types of projects other than just kitchen and bathroom countertops. If you would like PRO-TOPS to give you a quote for your specific project, simply contact our office today.


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