Granite Countertop Edges

Choosing the right granite countertop edges

Granite countertop edges add the final touch to the style of a kitchen countertop and bathroom countertop. However, when it comes to granite countertop edges, not everything is about aesthetics – it’s also about practical matters. Some granite countertop edges are better than others when it comes to cleaning, picking up crumbs, safety and comfort. Kitchen countertops in particular get a lot of use. If you love to cook and spend quite a bit of time prepping food on your countertops, you’ll want to select granite countertop edges that are appropriate since you will be coming into contact with the edges of the countertops quite frequently. The professionals at PRO-TOPS will be able to help you select the right granite countertop edges for your Charlotte area home.

Our selection of granite countertop edges

PRO-TOPS offers some the most popular and “in demand” granite countertop edges, as well as specialty edges (also called edge profiles) for homeowners who are looking for more intricate designs. Keep in mind that complex edge profiles require more work to keep clean as compared to other simpler designs. Whatever granite countertop edges you select for your kitchen or bathroom countertops, they will enhance the beauty of the surface you have selected.

Edge profiles

PRO-TOPS offers standard, upgrade and special order edge profiles. All the edge profiles shown below can be done for granite, marble and quartz countertops.

Standard Edge Profiles

Eased edge profile: this is the most common edge profile. The edges are softened just enough so that the corners aren’t sharp but aren’t completely rounded.

Beveled edge profile: good choice if you want a more contemporary look. The edge is cut at a slight angle.

Half bullnose edge profile: a half bullnose edge profile looks great with any kitchen. The top is a deeper cut into the stone material, so it offers a more softened edge than the eased profile.

Upgrade Edge Profiles

Full bullnose edge profile: the same form that is applied for the half bullnose is used on the bottom as well for this profile.

Ogee edge profile: this edge is popular for adding a touch of elegance to a kitchen. Often times seen on an island paired with an eased.


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