Kitchen Remodeling – 9 Tips For A Successful Remodel

If you live in the Charlotte area and need a reputable company to assist you with your kitchen remodeling project, PRO-TOPS is one the best companies to partner with for your project. PRO-TOPS has years of experience remodeling and installing new kitchens in the Charlotte area. At PRO-TOPS, we know a lot about kitchen remodeling and below are 9 tips that will help you make your remodel project a complete success.

In today’s home, the kitchen often becomes the hub of a home. You want it to be inviting and easy to use, so you may consider investing in a remodeling project. Although there are horror stories about kitchen remodeling, the first rule of thumb is to plan before you do anything. Take the time to ensure you have the budget, the floorplan, and the elements that work for your family. Then, when everything does come together, you will have the kitchen of your dreams.

Work with the architecture in your home. If you have a modern style home, the ranch style kitchen will seem out of place and you’ll spend more money on your remodel to make the elements come together. Keeping your plumbing and gas lines in the same location will save you money with your kitchen remodeling project.

If you want a kitchen that is warm and inviting, choose at least one item for your remodel that is fun. It’s okay to add some creativity to your room. Add a splash of color or choose unique handles for your kitchen cabinets that show off your personality and style.

However, watch the number of elements you do add. Over-design will make your kitchen seem too busy and chaotic. Your eye needs a place to rest. If your granite countertop has a beautiful design that you want to highlight, be careful about competing patterns on the walls and floors.

Utilize your space well. Take kitchen cupboards to the ceiling, increasing storage space without adding a ledge that collects dust. Glass windows on the cabinets keep the space airy and open. Install sturdy cabinets that will stand up over time.

During your kitchen remodeling project, install more lighting that you think you actually need. Kitchen track lighting makes your room appear brighter and it keeps you safe when you’re cooking. It also adds dimension and warmth to the room. In most rooms, overhead lights are sufficient, but in your kitchen, you need light where you work. Under cabinet lighting shines directly on the surface where you are cooking.

Make sure to have a variety of cabinets for all of the items you use in your kitchen. Deep drawers, wider cabinets, and a lazy Susan style cupboard for corner spaces, all increase the available space you have to put things away. This keeps your kitchen from looking cluttered and busy.

Pay attention to the details. The edge and finish of your granite countertop adds style to the room. When installed on your island, a beautiful beveled edgeturns it into a conversational piece when guests come over.

A kitchen remodeling project is a huge undertaking, but not only does it add to your comfort and lifestyle while you’re living in your home, it also provides areturn on your investment when selling. Be prepared to be inconvenienced during the project, but when it’s over you will have the kitchen you’ve always wanted.

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