MERILLAT Classic® Collection

mErillat Classic® Collection

Merillat started in a small workshop in Adrian, Michigan back in 1946 by Orville and Ruth Merillat and has since grown into one of the nation’s largest cabinet makers and the preferred brand of cabinetry among builders.


Merillat offers four lines of stylish and quality cabinetry at a variety of price levels. They include  Merillat Classic®, Merillat Masterpiece®, Merillat Express™ and Merillat Basic™.  Merillat cabinets are certified by the Cabinet Manufacturers Association (KCMA) and meet or exceed the rigorous standards set by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). Merillat is committed to environmental sustainability by meeting and often exceeding the requirements outlined in the Environmental Stewardship Program certification administered by the KCMA.  

About The Merillat Classic® Collection

Merillat Classic® is a robust collection of cabinetry for kitchens and baths. Built with with aesthetic and quality in mind,  Merillat Classic ® door and drawers are built from one of four different wood types, with 24 door styles available, as well as 17 different stain colors and six paint colors. With the Merillat Classic® Collection, the options are endless to design a kitchen that is throughly unique and personalized to your taste. 


Merillat’s multi-step finishing system provides added value with a protective topcoat that resists scratching and stains.

Soft-Closing drawers

Merillat’s drawers feature solid wood dovetail craftsmanship with drawer glides featuring the SoftAction™ design to reduce noise and pinched fingers!

Quality Construction

Merillat uses industrial-grade 3/8″ thick, engineered wood end panels attached using wood to wood glue and staples. Furniture-grade plywood construction upgrade is available to meet your project needs.

Soft-Close Functionality

SoftAction six-way adjustable soft-closing door hinges to help ensure precise alignment and reduce noise for years to come.

Above And Beyond

The Merillat Classic® Collection meets and exceeds the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association (KCMA) standards. When choosing Merillat for your kitchen and bath cabinetry, you are investing in your home long-term value.

Wood Type

The Merillat Classic® Collection is available in one of four wood types including Maple, Cherry, Hickory and Oak.


Maple is a go-to wood species that is uniform and predictable. As result, it takes lighter stain and paint color well.


Cherry brings a rich and elegant feel and is often used in fine furniture. Cherry will darken with age and contains small knots for added character.


The hardest America wood species with the widest color variation. Random burls, knots and mineral streaks give a hickory kitchen a unique sensibility.


Oak is another popular versatile wood species with rich textures and grain patterns that  lends itself to practically any application.

Finish Type

The Merillat Classic® Collection line of cabinetry is available in 17 stain colors and 6 painted colors. Stained cabinetry will let the wood grain show through whereas painted cabinetry will conceal and hide most of the wood grain for a more modern and contemporary look.

Paint Colors

Offering eye-catching colors that express your style and consistent coverage of wood grain, knotholes, and more, paint is a great option for achieving a sleek, uniform look. When paint is selected, the drawer front, door stiles, door rails and/or door center panel may be constructed of a paint-grade substrate, a material that helps provide resistance to warping, expansion and contraction.

Stain Colors

Stains allow the natural beauty of wood to show through the color. Each wood species has its own unique grain variation and can have a dramatically different look when stain is applied and brush-wiped. The amount of grain and natural beauty marks of wood will vary by species.

Door Types

The Merillat Classic® Collection offers five different door types including partial overlay, full overlay, recessed center panel, raised center panel and slab panel. 

Partial Overlay

Overlay is the amount of face frame covered by the door and drawer. The reveal on partial overlay cabinets is typically 1 inch. A partial overlay creates a traditional look and is typically less expensive.

Full Overlay

An overlay that covers most of the face frame, giving prominence to the door and drawer design. A full overlay creates a more custom and clean look.

Recess Center Panel

The center goes inward. Recessed panel designs offer an understated elegance to your cabinetry.

Raised center Panel

The center panel is raised. It provides design dimension and interest.

Slab Panel

A flat panel with no variance in
the center. It provides a clean,
modern look that dares to be

Door Styles

Laminate and Thermofoil

Doors within the Merillat Classic® Collection can be finished with a laminate or Thermofoil.

Laminate is thermo-plastic polymer wrap that is applied to engineered wood or medium density fiberboard (MDF). This type of finish gives the cabinetry a uniform flat appearance. Texture laminate is a plastic base product that has proven to be highly durable. This type of finish yields a consistent wood grain appearance.


Thermofoil is a solid colored vinyl that is applied to smooth engineered wood or MDF. It is easy to clean and built to last. Simple and durable, laminate and thermofoil cabinets are easy to clean and ideal for active environment.


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