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A Rich History Of Cabinet Making

Merillat started in a small workshop in Adrian, Michigan back in 1946 by Orville and Ruth Merillat and has since grown into one of the nation’s largest cabinet makers and the preferred brand of cabinetry among builders.

Merillat offers four lines of stylish and quality cabinetry at a variety of price levels. They include  Merillat Classic®, Merillat Masterpiece®, Merillat Express™ and Merillat Basic™.  Merillat cabinets are certified by the Cabinet Manufacturers Association (KCMA) and meet or exceed the rigorous standards set by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). Merillat is committed to environmental sustainability by meeting and often exceeding the requirements outlined in the Environmental Stewardship Program certification administered by the KCMA.  

Merillat Masterpiece® Collection

Merrilat Lucca Pebble Grey Mapple and Montresano Baltic Oak kitchen cabinetry

The Masterpiece® collection is new for 2021 and features thoughtful design, refreshing flexibility and superb appeal. With exceptional attention to detail and endless functionality, the updated 2021 Masterpiece® Collection offers timeless products, striking finishes, and smart solutions.  New door styles are made available with this new collection, making EverCore® available in more options. New finishes were also introduced including:

• Eight new paints
• A paint with highlight combo
• A new stain and stain expansion
• Unique, new specialty finishes like Aged, Translucent and Weathered
Fresh decorative enhancements design to create a truly unique space were also introduced with this new collection.


The Merillat Masterpiece® collection features a large selection of doors, colors specialty finishes and  accessories that will allow you to make your kitchen, well… truly yours. The collection features an impressive 42 door styles, 15 wood species and foils, 34 base finish colors, 5 glaze finish options, 3 aged finishes and 17 distressed finishes! Door style options include beaded (1 style), raised (16 styles), recessed (24 styles) and slab (5 styles). To make your kitchen and bath more functional, the Merillat Materspiece® has over 70 accessories to choose from.

Building materials available in the Merillat Masterpiece® collection include  Cherry,  Evercore®, Foil,  Hickory,  Laminate, Maple, Oak, and Quarter-sawn Oak. Available finish colors include black, blue, cool neutrals, cream, green, grey mid tones, rich browns, rich reds and warm neutrals. 


Construction Materials

Alder Rustic

Commonly used to create  a rugged look with knotholes, burls and mineral streaks. Alder Rustic is great for a modern industrial look with a darker finish.


Cherry brings a rich and elegant feel and is often used in fine furniture. Cherry will darken with age and contains small knots for added character.


The hardest America wood species with the widest color variation. Random burls, knots and mineral streaks give a hickory kitchen a unique sensibility.

Hickory Rustic

Hickory Rustic showcases a combination of open knots, wormholes, dramatic color contrast and mineral streaks.


Maple is a go-to wood species that is uniform and predictable. As result, it takes lighter stain and paint color well.


Oak is another popular versatile wood species with rich textures and grain patterns that  lends itself to practically any application.


Evercore® is a smooth surface that is receptive to paint and resistant to climate. It is a versatile and durable option coveted by homeowners and designers alike. With the addition of several styles and finishes, the Masterpiece® Collection showcases Evercore® like never before. 

Merillat Masterpiece® Collection Door Styles

Merillat Masterpiece® Collection - Bath Cabinetry

Merillat Masterpiece® Cabinet construction

Exceptional quality is built in

The Masterpiece® Collection is made exceptional through its construction. From the added strength of its 90-lb rated drawer sliders to the durability made possible by its MasterCoat™ finishing system, quality is at the heart of Merillat.

Mastercoat™ Finishing System

Proprietary finishing system that features two layers of oven-backed protective top coat for durability, protecting against the challenges of everyday life.

I-Beam Construction

I-Beam construction helps cabinets stay strong, stable and square during delivery, through installation and beyond.

Deep Drawer Boxes

Load up on more things – even oddly shaped utensils and economy size boxes

Solid Wood Dovetail Drawers

This sturdy joinery is capable of withstanding generations of use. You will find it on all four sides of our drawers.

90-lbs Drawer Slides

The Merillat Masterpiece® Collection features 90-lbs, soft closing drawer glides that helps the drawer to stand up to just about anything you put in them.

Full Extension Drawers

Drawers extend beyond the cabinet face frame so you can see and use the whole drawer

Soft-closing Drawers and doors

Soft closing hinges and drawer glides close softly and quietly with just a tap, reducing noise and pinches fingers.

¾” Solid Wood Frames with eased edges

Gently eased edges reduce the rsik of snags and scratches, plus help wood better hold your choice of finish.

Cleaning & Care For Merillat Cabinetry

Wood Finishes

Cleaning and caring for Merillat kitchen and bath cabinets is easy. For routine dust removal, a simple soft lint-free cloth will do the job. For added effectiveness, the cloth can be dampen slightly with water or a dust remover spray. If food is spilled on the cabinets, it should be cleaned immediately with a clean cloth and mild soap if necessary and wiped dry with a soft cloth. The cabinets should be polish once or twice a year using a light coat of quality furniture polish. To preserve the appearance and integrity of Merillat kitchen and bath cabinets, we recommend never to use detergents, soap pads or steel wool to clean them. Harsh abrasives will mar the wood finish. You should also avoid using paste wax and polishes that contain silicone as they create a wax build up that lives a residue that is difficult to remove  and attracts dust.

Laminate – Melamine and Vinyl

The interior and exterior laminated surfaces should be cleaned periodically using a damp soft cloth and wiping the area dry after cleaning if necessary.

Glass Doors

To clean the glass doors of Merillat kitchen cabinets, a commercial glass cleaner can be used. Merillat’s glass  panel can be cleaned while mounted on the door or can be removed for better access. When cleaning mounted glass, be careful not to damage the finish of the door and cabinet parts while cleaning. 

Preventative Care

Self-cleaning ovens are cleaned through the use of intense heat. If the heat gasket does not seal properly, heat may escape from the oven. Cabinets installed near a self-cleaning oven can suffer finish or surface damage. To minimize the risk of damage during cleaning cycles, we recommend that you remove doors and drawers from cabinets that are above and adjacent to a self-cleaning oven.

UV Effects

Over time, Ultra Violet light rays in natural sunlight may effect the appearance of cabinets. Merillat applies UV inhibitors to all its wood cabinetry as part of the finishing process. The finish on your cabinetry will not change, but the wood may, depending on its natural characteristics, the amount and direction of light exposure, and the portion of the cabinet that receives light

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